Mini Pony of the Day 1-9-09

The Manheim (PA) Merchandiser rules!

These mini ponies were sent in by Dug E Fresh, PSaMP reader and devout mini horse lover. Of course, the local paper wouldn’t be online, so we get pictures of the hard copies.

These links, however, ARE online:

The latest MPIE. [OFTOT]

I had the “3 Wipe Uh Oh” this morning :( [Sharapova's Thigh]

Girl, you got a ten piece, now don’t be stingaaay. [You Lay on the Ice Like a Broad!]

Gators win. My buddy Ethan is an Auburn fan, but he’s also a massive SEC homer. Good for him/them. [NESW Sports]

Raw footage after the Nat’l Championship. [The Sports Culture]

Pens couldn’t put together a win streak. [The Pensblog]


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