Mini Pony of the Day 2-25-09

Sometimes, I’ll pick a mini horse picture because I’ve passed by it in my searches before. Other times, like today, I find a picture (or 3) that I’ve never seen. These ones are fantastic! And…
…Hey, baby.
Do work on these links:
Cotter’s State of the Union. [OFTOT]
Moondog is getting back to his sportsblogging roots. As a sportsblogger who doesn’t cave to posting image galleries of chicks just to get meaningless pageviews, I applaud him. [The World According to Moondog]
A.O. needs driving lessons. And a shave. And a shower. And to shut up sometimes. [Total Pro Sports]
Bear Claws don’t go with wine coolers. Bear Claws go with Mountain Dew? Only Barkley. [NESW Sports]
Mankok (LOL SO HARD!) isn’t sold on Brady Quinn. [The World of Isaac]
If you’re gonna job The Pensblog, make sure you know what you’re talking about. [The Pensblog]

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