Mini Pony of the Day 3-18-09

Thanks to Doug for this. If anyone has a Nintendo DS, you need to get this game and tell me how it is. It’s a game where you create your own horse, be it weird and regular-sized or cool and miniature. I’d go for the latter.

These links are NOT available on your DS:

PSAMP made it the cut of 48 for the Best Sports Blog Name Tournament. Vote for me if you enjoy this blog’s name. [Zoner Sports]

Pens win! [The Pensblog]

The numbers behind Martin Brodeur. Dude has been a pest and I’ve never really liked him for it, but I respect the hell outta him for breaking Roy’s record last night.[Total Pro Sports]

The NCAA Tournament…of cheerleaders. [100% Injury Rate]

Could the Pirates contend next year? [WHYGAVS?]

The Reds. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

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