Mini Pony of the Day 4-1-09

Yes! Rory is a mini pony who thinks he’s a dog. When I started this site, I used Rory a few times. Never in video-form, though.

This might be the cutest little bugger ever.

My buds at BMR interviewed hockey hottie Carrie Millbank. [Barry Melrose Rocks]

HHR talks with twin McDonald’s All Americans who are heading to UNC. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Is Penguins TV host Alyonka Larionov the next Anna Kournikova? [Capitals Outsider]

Go create a sweet roller derby caption and win stuff. [Steady Burn]

Andre Iguodala plays Barack Obama on Jimmy Fallon. [NESW Sports]

Lesser known John Cena movies. [Paneech]


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