Mini Pony of the Day 5-5-09

A little curve ball this morning. These guys are members of the Mini Ponies, a New England track and trails running group. A few Ponies hit up the Pittsburgh Marathon, so I’ve effectively tied them into 100% of PSAMP’s market niche.

Pens lost. [The Pensblog]

Phil Jackson clowns Craig “Bozo” Sager. [Lake Show Life]

A soccer player was set on fire during a trophy celebration. [Sports Rubbish]

Former Penguin Tomas Surovy hit his own goalie in the back of the head with his stick. [Total Pro Sports]

Shaq and his Krispy Kreme donuts. [NESW Sports]

Mine That Bird will race in the Preakness. [Daily Racing News via TBL]


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