Mini Pony of the Day 6-26-09

I’ll never get tired of telling you how amazed I am that pictures like this exist on the Internet. The MPotD feature was originally a joke, and I thought I’d run out of mini horse pictures in no time…which is not the case whatsoever. And the two ladies in this picture each get their own…

…Hey, baby.

FF‘s NHL draft preview. [The Pensblog]

Also, the offseason plans of every team. [The Pensblog]

Steve Nash asked for Shaq to be traded. [Fanhouse]

More Shaq. He challenged some kid in HORSE. [With-Malice]

Ocho Cinco compared MJ dying to 9/11. Then he apologized. [Sports Rubbish]

The Clippers’ draft room sucks. [The Sports Hernia]

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