Mini Pony of the Day 1-5-09

Cincinnati sucks. Hail to Pitt.

The 2009 season is over. [OFTOT]

This Caps rap is horrible. [The Pensblog]

Bears apologize for shitty season. [Not Qualified To Comment]

Photoshop the A**holeology book. I did. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Is Twitter already the new Google? [How To Blog]

Chris Johnson failed to rush for 2010 yards. [Steady Burn]


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Mini Pony of the Day 1-5-09

This picture looks like it comes from an old magazine. And now its on a blog. Cool media jump.

And cool links:

The Chargers. [OFTOT]

Win a Jose Calderon jersey. [Cuzoogle]

Where do the Athletics stand? [Sharapova’s Thigh]

Michael Jordan’s mom can slam dunk. [NESW Sports]

Titans RB Chris Johnson reacts to the ROY voting. [Staal Tactics]

Some douche is still hating on Sid. [The Pensblog]


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