Mini Pony of the Day 12-1-10

Thanks to Ian for the tip. He says:

Was watching the Wizard of Oz the other night. Pretty sure the horse-drawn carriage in munchkin land uses mini ponies.”

I honestly haven’t seen that movie in about 20 years, and couldn’t find any pics or videos of the scene Ian is describing on the Internet. So I pirated a torrent of the movie to find and snag a pic. This is from early in the movie, after Dorothy lands in Munchkin Land and kills that one witch with her house.

Now that I got the picture, I just tried deleting the movie so it ain’t just taking up space on my hard drive and it’s telling me that I need administrator permission to delete it even though I am the administrator of my computer and I’m asking it to be gone. I think it is haunted.

I forgot that there were like a million midgets/dwarfs/little people/whatever in that movie. Innumerable.

Stream of consciousness blogging is clutch.

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