Mini Pony of the Day 4-30-10

We’ll close out the week with one final awesome shot of Einstein. LJKC was the latest to send over some pics, and I’ve truly lost track of how many of you actually emailed this little guy in. Gotta love when an adorable mini horse brings the media to a screeching halt.

And since there’s a chick in this picture, she gets the obligatory…

…Hey, baby.

Check out what the best Penguins minds in the blogosphere think about Pens/Habs. I only say “the best” because I’m there, too. [Faceoff-Factor]

The Pensblog’s eulogy for the Caps is awesome. [Puck Daddy]

Their preview is good, too. [The Pensblog]

2010 Kentucky Derby odds/predictions. [Paneech]

Who sired who in the Derby? [Steady Burn]

Lord of the Rings and Hoosiers are the same thing. [FlickSided]

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