Mini Pony of the Day 6-24-10

Thanks to Doug for this. He’s wearing his Mini Ponies > You shirt that you can find in his online store, while jackhammering, while standing next to a Photoshopped mini pony. I almost crapped my pants at the awesomeness in this picture.

FF‘s draft preview over atThe Pensblog.[The Pensblog]

NBA Draft, bargains and busts. [Josh Q. Public]

LOL US soccer fans chanting ion NYCafter the big win. I know at least 3 of the people(Pens fans)in these videos. It’s right down the street from Foley’s, our Pens bar. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

One miffed Algerian player slapped a female reporter. [Steady Burn]

Miguel Torres flying armbar on the Family Guy chicken. [Chicago’s MMA]

Johan Santana is a scrub, too. [Babes Love Baseball]

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