Mini Pony of the Day 11-22-11

Thanks to my sister for this. Spin Magazine interviewed Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine about his 10 favorite things. We’ve looked at one Megadeth Pens/Flyers link in the past, and I’ve expressed my opinion of Megadeth before. I never really got into them so I’m sort of apathetic. But number 10 on Mustaine’s list rules:

10) Miniature horse We found Rocky living in a junkyard, abused and malnourished. A lot of stuff was wrong with him and he didn’t like people at all, but we just loved on him, and now he’s really friendly. He comes into the house to hang out. Sometimes he spits up his apples. When you’re a horse person, you get used to it.

Dave Mustaine owns a rescued mini horse. And for that, I’m now a bit less of a Megadeth hater.

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