Tux Destroyed Some Green Tadpole-thing

Puck Daddy has some videos from the AHL All Star Game involving the league’s many mascots. Pens minor league mascot Tux, who just may be a younger sibling of Pens mascot Iceburgh, was there along with his fluffy brethren.

In one of the videos, queued up to the moment just before impact here, Tux skates by and absolutely wrecked what is listed as the CT Whale. It looks like a tadpole or sperm. A green one of either of those. Am I wrong in wanting a whale mascot to be like 10 times fatter? Tux’s violence against this slim whale is justified in my mind.

Also we had a mini Tux plush figure as one of our good luck charms for the 2009 Pens Cup run at Foley’s. So Tux can do no wrong.

/concussion joke

//broken neck joke

Go Baby Pens.

Go Pens.

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