Chris Pratt Singing About The Penguins and Sudden Death On Parks and Rec

Parks and Rec has consistently been one of the funniest shows on television since its first season. And yes, that bit of hyperbole also includes said first season, in which it was a vastly different show and had yet to find the groove it currently inhabits. It was uneven, but still funny. During that first […]


Pittsburgh Beats The Seahawks Again

I was going to post this yesterday to capitalize on the NFC Championship and all, but with it being MLK Jr. Day, I knew I'd only get the fewest eyeballs possible. So I'll troll the Seahawks "12th Man" fanbase today, and maybe Seattle fans will attempt to read and understand words that aren't "LOUDER" on […]


Mini Pony of the Day 1-16-14

My Uncle Mike passed away early this morning, and considering his role in creating this miniature horse obsession of mine nearly 30 years ago, this daily space deserves no greater honor than having Uncle Mike grace its walls again. Born in 1917, Uncle Mike was the oldest (and longest surviving) of 13 children, lived in […]