I Would Wear a Pirates Pierogies Hat

[i didn't make that typo from the source link, but i sure corrected it] Yesterday, there were a few apparel-related stories that I wanted to write about, and had to pick which I wanted to put out earlier than the other. Marc-Andre Fleury's Stadium Series Steelers-inspired mask shot out into the ether and went everywhere. […]

Marc-AnChidi Fleurywuoma

That title is not to downplay the roles of current Steelers number 29 Shamarko Thomas or even classic wearers of that number like Barry Foster. Chidi was the insane special teams playmaker who made that number stand out, and I really just wanted to somehow combine his name with Marc-Andre Fleury's. I caught this via […]

Kris Letang Can Buy 3,742 Honda Fits Over The Next Eight Years

There's an old saying among the car crowds…"Only smart people drive Hondas." The combination of relatively-inexpensive MSRP, fantastic gas mileage and parts that refuse to give out makes the company a true diamond in the rough. While some prefer to pay for the prestige of a luxury name on their automobiles, and in turn pay […]

Mini Pony of the Day 2-14-14

It's Valentine's Day and my forever-long submission queue has no topical red-and-pink mini ponies from all you guys, so I had to find these myself. Are the two olde tyme cards made out of velvet or something? And what's with the bangs on the mini ponies? Anyway, I hope you get at least two mini […]