Mini Pony of the Day 12-24-08

Only Christmas-themed mini ponies for today and tomorrow. And in honor of the holidays, the older woman in this picture gets a holiday… …Hey, baby. Merry Christmas Eve to you. I’m at work for a half a day. Shut up. Christmas gifts for the Steelers. [OFTOT] Paul Pierce sleeping on the NBA on ESPN RV. […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-31-08

2008 is going out with…a cactus? Sure, why not. After some nice, unseasonably warm temperature right after Christmas, its snowing again in NYC. Lightly, but still snowing. Hope your 2008 was better than mine (it sucked), and here’s to 2009 being at least 2 times better. Enjoy the last links of 2008: OFTOT’s best Photoshops […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-30-08

Boardwalks on beaches are great. Mini horses with hot chicks on boardwalks on beaches are even better. And that is an intense saddle on said mini horse. But back to the chick… …Hey, baby! These links read better if you’re on the beach: So what’s up with Ben? Complete with nightmare fuel Sanjaya Photoshop and […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-29-08

Hey, baby. Hey, baby. Hey, baby. All mini horses should come with chicks in hats. These links need no hats: Cotter’s take on the win. [OFTOT] The Penguins aren’t as bad as you think. [The Pensblog] Lesbians and the NFL. [Moondog Sports] Terry Bradshaw wanted the Lions to lose; is a “scumbag.” [The Big Lead] […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-23-08 And…now I want a Lexus. It’ll truly be a December to Remember…if I get a mini horse as well. My Christmas present to you is these links: Yep, time to shit on the Browns again. [OFTOT] Peter King sucks. [You Lay on the Ice Like a Broad] Big OT win by the Pens. [The […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-22-08

Is that a bowling ball? DAMN THESE HOOVES! Damn these links, too. Cotter’s take on the loss. [OFTOT] More OFTOT. At least one Titan didn’t like LenDale’s asshat-edness. [OFTOT] Colts fans hated it, too. [Stampede Blue] If I were Donald Trump, I’d fire Jerry Jones. [Moondog Sports] Video of Ahmad Rashad playing basketball? [NESW Sports] […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-19-08

Jeez…little dude needs a haircut. If he keeps letting it grow, he won’t be able to see the cool hay. Or these links: Oh, yeah. MAFs back and we won. Coincidence? [The Pensblog] Yes the Steelers can…run the ball. [OFTOT] Chuck Barkley dodges shoes like GWB. [NESW Sports] Chiefs QB Tyler Thigpen wins the prestigious […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-18-08

I pity the fool that doesn’t like this little dude’s mohawk. I also pity you if you don’t read these links: Props to Aaron Smith. More on this later. [OFTOT] Mmmm, late 80s CBB players in a hot tub. I’d totally drop 2.6 mil for the pics. [Steady Burn] The Gary Payton of Poultry. [NESW […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-17-08

Cool animals love mini ponies. That makes me on the same level as awesome dogs. And you’re pretty cool, too, if you’re here. I guess. Read these words on the Internet: Ravens fans are stupid with Facebook. [OFTOT] MAF to the All-Star Game? [I Bleed Black ‘n Gold] Top 12 sports to heckle. [Epic Carnival] […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-16-08

Check out this adorable picture. I dare someone to hate on mini horses now. I also dare you to read these links: Kerry Collins or Big Ben? [OFTOT] Marisa Miller + Harley Davidson = GOOD! [Moondog Sports] 10 hottest actresses in Holiday movies. [The World of Isaac] CSI Pensblog. [The Pensblog] The Pirates signed that […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-15-08

Weird tiny picture. Cotter’s take on the win. [OFTOT] Ape’s take on the win. [D.C. Steeler Nation] Talking with Bethlehem Shoals. [HHR] Jessica Simpson wants you to smell Tony Romo? [Cuzoogle] MSU Playboy girl kicked out of sorority. [The World of Isaac] Some notes about the Heisman trophy. [Gunaxin]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-12-08

Everyone can use a hug now and then. Especially on a Friday. Here’s the text version of a hug…these links! Franco Harris’ cheese pizza looks delicious. [OFTOT] Um…the Pens won 9-2, and both Sykora and Dupuis got the first hat tricks of their careers. Luckily, they beat the Islanders, so I got to see it […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-11-08

From Mitch Hedberg’s latest cd (r.i.p.): If I was the Headless Horseman’s horse, I would totally f**k with that guy. “Yeah, we’re going that way. We’re not going towards the hay.” Thought of that when I found this picture. Listen to it here to get the full effect. Whatev. Read these links…they’re just as good: […]

Mini Pony of the Day 12-10-08

Fantastic. If only I had a mini horse when I was that age, PSaMP would be so much cooler. Not that it isn’t cool now. I’m just saying, had I had a mini…you know what, I’m stopping. PSaMP is badass and that’s the final word. Now read on: Ravens fans are weird. Who likes purple […]