[Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show Outtakes

Most of the outtakes are of us watching some show about the Deadliest Stunts Gone Wrong, or something like that. I’m a sucker for exxxxxxxtreme video shows like that. So enjoy. Pretend like you didn’t watch this here, then watch it again over at Cotter’s pad.

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

I woulda got this to you a little sooner, but T.O. affected my timing with multiple, uncalled, hands-to-the-face infractions. We won! Gatorade baths for everyone! 20-13 Steelers. But isn’t that always the score? Or like, 23-10…or somewhere around there? I’m a chronic nail-biter, but last game did me no favors in trying to stop my […]

Steelers Win!

17 4th Quarter points! Steelers 20, Cowboys 13. Enjoy that Gatorade, fella.


I’m amazed at what people put on Youtube sometimes. The above fan video is a bit disturbing, which makes me question the motives of the fan. We all know athletes love the butt-slap, but I didn’t think it made for good Internet video. Oh wait. And the video’s uploader described the video with one word: […]

Listen to PSaMP on the Radio

Check me out, sometime tomorrow morning on 660 AM in Pittsburgh. You can hear me on the Kegs and Eggs Morning Show. I’ll be calling them sometime between 7:30 and 8 AM. So I’ll be easing your early morning school or work trip. 660 AM has been all about bloggers, my buddies from The Pensblog […]


I’ve told you about my hate of Power Rankings before, here and here. So knowing my opinion, check this out. I don’t mind Michael David Smith at Fanhouse. He’s a good investigative blogger and writes 2 million posts a day at places all around the world wide web. But this is awful. He put out […]

Shaq Loves Ryan Clark’s Hit on Wes Welker

Last month, there was tons of hoopla surrounding a fake Twitter page that claimed to be from Shaquille O’Neal. It ended up being exposed as a farce, but it forced the real Shaq’s hand, and made The Big Aristotle open his own, official Twitter page. You can

Ben Roethlisberger Hates Fruitcake; Loves Helping People

Sports have been pretty dark lately. Guys shooting themselves in the leg, other guys getting shot and paralyzed, steroids, suspensions…it’s getting ridiculous. Time to focus on some positive news. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is joining NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, tall-ass Yao Ming, and douchy celebrities Fall Out Boy and Nicole Richie […]

Steelers Christmas Poems Rule

Look…PSaMP is a sports blog by a Pittsburgh fan for other Pittsburgh fans. Sport is no longer about the athletes and coaches. Media members, writers and yes, even the fans, contribute to the 24/7 coverage of sport. I’m a huge fan of giving voices to the ordinary Joes that support the local teams, which is […]

Michael Phelps Hangs with Duce Staley? UPDATED

Everyone’s been waiting for pics of Phelps ACTUALLY WITH his new girlfriend. With Leather has ’em. Now, back to my headline…I have no clue if that’s the former Eagle and Steeler, but jeez would that be random if it was. RANDOM-ASS UPDATE – Quoting the always-reliable messageboards, Phelps was Staley’s guest for the Arkansas/South Carolina […]