Steelers Games Used To Have More UFOs

Man, Steelers fans of another era totally had it better than we do today. Those fans in the 70s got to see 4 Super Bowls while I (and likely you, unless you’re 1 year old or something) have only witnessed 2 championships to this point. Plus, those fans got to see a harder-hitting game than what Roger Goodell is currently implementing in this version. Oh yeah, and those fans in the 70s had UFOs.

This Youtube user uploaded a few videos of an October 1979 game against the Cowboys in Pittsburgh. The Steelers won, of course. Within the footage are supposed UFOs. I am 100% behind the idea of aliens and intelligence from space, so there’s no way you’re getting me to budge on this. Those were aliens back in ’79, and all they wanted to do was watch the Steelers beat Dallas.

Aliens rule.

One more vid below:

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