Brent Johnson: Raging Guin

Thanks to Benson for sending over his latest. I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss… I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss, I’m da boss. Video below.

2010 Sucked

2010 was the 4th calendar year we’ve closed at PSAMP, after beginning in March of 2007. Last year was my first tribute to the year sucking, cos apparently I wasn’t around to realizing how terrible everything was back in 2007 and 2008. We’ve grown together. Believe it or not, 2 Pittsburgh franchises were technically in […]

Winter Classic Commercial Outtakes

Thanks to Benson for sending over his latest. It’s a look at all the bloopers caught during the filming of the Crosby/Ovechkin/Heinz Field spot. From Benstonium: “With the 2011 Winter Classic taking place this weekend in the Burgh, Benstonium is taking a behind the scenes look at the “Winter Classic 2011″ Commercial featuring Sidney Crosby […]

Big Ben Is A Walking Stick

Every now and then, it’s always fun to check out Etsy to see what weird and random stuff people are selling. You’ll always find odd Pittsburgh sports crafts and things that really don’t have any other home on the Internet in which to set up shop. Today, I came across the Big Ben walking stick. […]

UConn-Pitt Cameraman Wore A Paul Martin Shirt

Pitt beat UConn last night to move to 8-0 lifetime against top-5 teams at the Peterson Events Center. In other news, one of the cameramen wore a Penguins Paul Martin shirt. What else do you want? It’s PSAMP, you should always expect less.

Merry Christmas 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS! This MS Paint is one of my favorite things ever. It sucks so bad, but I’ve used it in 2009, 2008 and 2007. I’ve been more committed to this MS Paint than I have been to really anything else in my life. Have a happy and safe holiday. Hug some family, open some […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

I already told you on Monday that these last few regular season MMCNYs are gonna be crazy brief. It’s the holidays, the Steelers are already in the playoffs and I have tons of stuff going on. Plus I was really preoccupied with the Pens/Capitals game that overlapped this game. At one point I was watching […]

Terry Bradshaw Could Throw A Football Through Commercial Dimensions

Here’s an old WIIC Channel 11 commercial featuring Terry Bradshaw and the great Sam Nover. Terry releases a pass right before getting drilled by a Dallas Cowboy, and he throws it so hard that it ends up in sports reporter Nover’s arms in some office. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen some awesome old WIIC […]

Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: Team Ferrall

This shirt is hanging in Foley’s, our Pens bar in Manhattan. It’s a Scott Ferrall shirt that says TEAM FERRALL. Scott’s a radio personality, hosting a Sirius show on Howard Stern’s Howard 101. He’s also a former Pittsburgher and dedicated Steelers fan. One way to get the attention of Steelers fans without using any officially-licensed […]

This Steelers Fan Knows Everything Ever

Following this Sunday’s Steelers loss, 60 Minutes had a spot about a phenomenon known as Superior Autobiographical Memory. It is so rare that only 5 people were diagnosed with it when they started the news spot. And then they brought out Marilu Henner (don’t ask) and she became official case #6. Superior Autobiographical Memory is […]

Steelers All-Pro Duval Love Wears These Watches

Thanks to my bud Penshead for this. He says: “you know how i like watches … so i was browsing one site and here is what i came across … i know steelers lost to jets but hey this might cheer you up“ I had to corroborate the whole All-Pro part of Duval Love’s […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

This is gonna be a mostly-abbreviated MMCNY. The Steelers lost but still clinched a playoff spot. The team had opportunities to convert and failed at times. Troy was out, lack of pressure and turnovers were concerning and we got a game in like 4 hours against the Panthers. So excuse me if the final 3 […]