Steelers All-Pro Duval Love Wears These Watches


Thanks to my bud Penshead for this. He says:

you know how i like watches … so i was browsing one site and here is what i came across … i know steelers lost to jets but hey this might cheer you up

I had to corroborate the whole All-Pro part of Duval Love’s existence. This picture from the February, 1995 Pro Bowl proves his claim.

Gotta show love to Duval making the most of his one-year career anomaly. As a 10th round draft pick in the mid-80s, he had a pretty unremarkable 12-year career. That 1994-1995 season with the Steelers was his lone standout year, and he turned that into a watch endorsement that probably would never happen had he not made in to Honalulu.

Name me one other O-Lineman with a watch endorsement. Great hustle, big man!

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