Time-Lapse Drawings Of Sidney Crosby Are Cool

This isn’t much more than a time-lapse drawing of Sidney Crosby, but any art is cool. I used to want to be an artist and nearly went to college for it, so videos like this are awesome to me. Enjoy at your own leisure. Video below.

2009 Sucked

Yeah, 2009 saw the city bring home both a Lombardi Trophy and a Stanley Cup. However, I’m a firm believer in moving forward and always trying to get better. Katt Williams, as always, says it best: “You gotta keep it pushing. I don’t even go to ni**as’ birthday parties if they doing the same shit as […]

LaMarr Woodley = AFC Defensive Player Of The Week

Seven total tackles, two sacks, a forced fumble and a pass knocked down will usually get you that award. Woodley has had a habit of coming up huge on crucial drives, and literally terrorized Joe Flacco on Sunday. Which brings us to the award. When a Steelers player wins a player of the week honor, […]

North Shore > Jersey Shore

My buddy Benson sends over his latest masterpiece. As a Pittsburgh sports fan, the only shore you care about is the North Shore…home to both PNC Park and Heinz Field. So if you’re like me, you saw the MTv series “Jersey Shore” and immediately thought how stupid their shore was in relation to ours. Oh […]

Some Babe Is Telling Me The Steelers Lost When I Know They Won

I checked Youtube yesterday for any Steelers videos that were recently uploaded. I found one that was published the same day as the Steelers win over Baltimore, but the file name suggested that the Steelers lost. I was intrigued, so I clicked through. Turns out, it was just some babe consoling you with some stock […]

Hines Ward Guy Is…Uh…What?

So everyone does big, end-of-year type posts in both the mainstream media and the blogosphere. Reuters has a Pictures of the Year gallery, which my little brother forwarded to me. He’s an aspiring actor in college in Pittsburgh, and he said he met another actor who made the Reuters gallery. That guy is pictured above…just slightly edited for the […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

The Steelers won yesterday, beating the Ravens 23-20. Despite a 5-game losing streak that’s still fresh in our memories, the Steelers have faint playoff hopes. We’ll need a win and a handful of other teams to lose. Which means as soon as the game ended, our collective minds shifted to week 17. It was nice […]


Nothing needs to be said. The Steelers need to win out, even after the thrilling win over the Packers. That continues with winning this game. Let’s beat the Ravens. Go Steelers.

Merry Christmas 2009

I used this awesome MS Paint job in last year. And in 2007. So of course it’s going up today. Merry Christmas. Go open some presents or something.

Amos Zereoue Is Good At Soccer, Too

We remember Amos the Steelers RB. And we also remember Amos the restaurant owner. But now, as a member of the Central Park Rangers of the Cosmopolitan Soccer League, Amos Zereoue is a soccer player again. It’s been like 20 years since he’s played the game, but the natural athleticism he displayed in a Steelers […]

Myron Cope Doll Looks Like Myron Cope

This might be my favorite video of all time. Dan Baxter, a Pittsburgh native, owns The Kreepy Doll Factory. The unique and handmade dolls are pretty sweet…I spent quite some time checking everything out. Dan also makes dolls for the late-night IFC sitcom, Food Party. In the video, Dan gets inspired by some Steelers games […]

Max Talbot Is A Pool Boy, Now

Max Talbot is apparently trying to endorse every consumer product imaginable. Cars (1 & 2 and 3). Cereal. Pool stores. This is a commercial for Valley Pool and Spa in Greensburg and North Versailles. Max seems to love the prospect of free water testing! And he even goes on to autograph a water pump before […]