North Shore > Jersey Shore


My buddy Benson sends over his latest masterpiece. As a Pittsburgh sports fan, the only shore you care about is the North Shore…home to both PNC Park and Heinz Field.

So if you’re like me, you saw the MTv series “Jersey Shore” and immediately thought how stupid their shore was in relation to ours. Oh wow…a bunch of over-privileged Italian kids acting a fool in bars. We successfully got them off our  island (I live in Queens now, so technically the island), and into Jersey.

But MTv still wanted to highlight their absurdity. Why not go to the North Shore instead of the Jersey Shore? Rather than loudmouth, unattractive chicks getting punched in the face, you get to see Super Bowl trophies and Yinzers gambling at the new Rivers Casino. Gotta be just as interesting, right?

And instead of that one stupid dude who calls himself The Situation, we have a star-in-the-making QB who goes by The Concussion. Brilliance.

Video below. Let’s hope the season finale doesn’t happen this Sunday.

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