Steelers Fans Are Drunk, Good at Dizzy Baseball

I’ve played dizzy baseball before, but never drunk dizzy baseball. From the looks of it, you pour beer down the hollow end of a banana wiffle bat, drink it, spin a bunch and try to hit a baseball. Puking is like 10 extra points or something. I suck at the game even without getting alcohol […]

Steelers Beer Cooler Scooters Are Too Badass

You know, I live in NYC, so getting around means lots of walking to public transportation. The subway may be your friend, but the walk to the subway sucks. To remedy this problem, someone please get me the scooter seen in this video for Malcolm Xmas. But you don’t live in NYC, do you? Well, […]

Dogs Love That Steelers Gear NFL Shop Commercial, Too

Seriously, what is with that damn lamp? Back in October, we found out about some little kid who loved to lip-sync to the Steelers gear NFL Shop commercial…the one with assloads of Steelers merch and a plain, boring table lamp. Now, we have a dog who has a similar reaction to the commercial. Sure, dogs […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Hope you had a good Christmas. I’ll be back in a semi-normal posting schedule now that the holiday is over. The Steelers had a decent Christmas break, too, destroying the Browns 31-0 to end the Romeo Crennel/Phil Savage era. But if you didn’t hear, Ben left the game on a stretcher. Concussion…with a bye week […]

Big Ben Hurt

Big Ben was injured with 1:48 remaining in the Second Quarter of today’s game. After some tense researching and waiting, it appears Ben has a concussion. Video of the hit by D’Qwell Jackson and Willie McGinest is below.

Merry Christmas 2008

This image is from last Christmas. Hope you have a happy holiday wherever you are. Be safe, and high five someone you love. Or get pulled around by a mini pony.

Steelers Madden 09 Glitches Will Trip You Out

I’m not one to usually watch videos of video game glitches, but this one is pretty trippy. And as I told you yesterday, I’m putting as little effort as possible into the site for Christmas week. Apparently, Larry Foote and Mewelde Moore turn into Santonio Holmes if the opposing team kicks off from the goal […]

Santa Visits Mike Tomlin UPDATE

Dude, what the hell? Santa popped into a Mike Tomlin press conference and randomness ensued. Santa brought 5 pounds of raw meat as a snack for Casey Hampton, plugged Jim Wexell’s book, stomped on a picture of LenDale White, did some James Brown stuff and threw a pass to former WR and current coach Tomlin. […]

Danny Bonaduce Loves Steelers Fans

We're getting awfully close to Christmas, so my effort on this site is going to be minimal. I should have a pretty normal posting schedule for the rest of the week, with something even possible on Christmas Day. Because I know you can't get through a massive holiday without a mini horse fix. So today, […]

Rest in Peace, Doubt About It

I’m gonna take the mic for a second and tell you about the death of a certain blog. The guys at Doubt About It have closed up shop and took the blog out back. Gunshots were heard, and all we have left is the final post. The end of a blog has a weird feeling. […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

You wanna know how quickly I forgot about that game? Pretty much as soon as the 31-14 loss ended. We lost. Ben played like shit. We still have a meaningless game to end the season and a first round bye. With the quality of the teams in the lower parts of the AFC playoffs, there’s […]

LenDale White is Fat (courtesy of Steelers Depot) Um…we both have first-round byes, LenDale. This game wasn’t that important. But whatever helps you get through the day. Next time, try and disrespect the Towel before you already have the game won and see what happens, you pompous shit. And chew your food, fatass.

Rest in Peace, Dock Ellis

Famed Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis died yesterday. He was 63. Ellis is said to have passed due to liver problems. Dock is famous in Pittsburgh because of his quiet, unassuming demeanor. He never did anything to ruffle any feathers, and never pitched under the influence of drugs. And if you believe any of that nonsense, […]

This One’s For Dewayne Washington

Don’t think Black and Golddust has forgotten about Joe Nedney’s asshole, acting-bullshit, Tennessee. Dewayne is about to be redeemed. Go Steelers!

The Steelers D Are Coverboys UPDATE

The Steelers D are featured prominently (read: on the cover) on both Sports Illustrated and ESPN the magazine this week. I finally got my SI yesterday. I read all about the Steelers and cleverly skipped over the parts about the Ravens. My aunt got my sister ESPN the Mag several years ago, and the damn […]