Steelers Fans Are Drunk, Good at Dizzy Baseball

I’ve played dizzy baseball before, but never drunk dizzy baseball. From the looks of it, you pour beer down the hollow end of a banana wiffle bat, drink it, spin a bunch and try to hit a baseball. Puking is like 10 extra points or something. I suck at the game even without getting alcohol involved.

But these Steelers fans are much better individuals than I. Not only do they stay upright, but they make total contact with the pitch. Now, I know you’re probably saying that you could do sooo much better, but imagine spinning around right now. Then imagine you’re drunk on top of that. By the time I’d take my head off the bat, I’d most likely be falling into a crowd of friends rather than focusing on a small projectile.

On a side note, wiffle ball is badass.

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