2011 Sucked

Say the word concussion to me one more time and see where it gets you, punk. Welcome to PSAMP’s annual year-in-review (hint…it always sucks – ed.). I’m a firm believer in insulting the past, so I hope you join me in thoroughly kicking the last year in its collective bottom. Be gone. Unless a bandsaw […]

The Benstonium Steelers ‘Renegade’ Video Is Top Notch

If you don’t understand the Steelers’ playing of Styx’s ‘Renegade,’ then you can just go ahead and leave PSAMP now. This post isn’t for you. Thanks to Benson for sending over his latest, which is his take on the Steelers’ emotional anthem. The song is played at a critical moment of games at Heinz Field, […]

Deron Williams Is A Steelers Fan Question Mark

I’m not a huge NBA fan because because pro basketball and Pittsburgh go together like rice and bazookas. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the sport. I’m a sports fan who has written a sports blog for nearly 5 years…anything that involves competition and athletics will hold my attention. Anyway…

Simon Després’ Clothes Are Not Where Clothes Are Supposed To Go

Pens rookie Simon Després has a bit of an issue to deal with today. At practice, the rook blue liner hit the ice only to look up and see his clothes. That’s gonna make for an awkward post-practice locker room session. Or maybe he’ll just change up there. I don’t know, maybe the kid can […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Somehow this was the Steelers 4th late game of the season. And 2nd in a row. And 3rd in the past few weeks. There’s no way I’m getting anything remotely close to a recap after a late game, let alone a loss. So like the previous 3 late games (1, 2, 3), here’s a gif […]

The Terrible Towel Is A Free iPad App Today

The Steelers play the 49ers tonight in a Monday Night Football matchup that could potentially net Pittsburgh the #1 seed in the AFC. And you have an iPad, so get to downloading the free Terrible Towel iPad app. I say “you have an iPad” because I have a droid and like to routinely crap on […]

TGIF: Sid And Geno Are Perfect Strangers

Thanks to Benson for sending over his latest. About 2 months ago, we watched as he mashed the Steelers with the Family Matters theme. Now it’s the Pens’ Sid and Geno as Perfect Strangers. TGIF IS BACK BABY! I can’t wait for what goes with Step By Step in the future. Christine Lakin, one of […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

No way I’m recapping that late of a game. Steelers won, Browns lost, and that’s that. Plus I already set the precedent of just posting a gif of my feelings after late games (1, 2) so I have no clue what you were expecting. Greg Lloyd adequately sums up my feelings regarding both the Cotchery […]

Some Chick Smoked A Bong For The Steelers

I was gonna blur out the face but then I remembered that she had freely uploaded this to Youtube. So whatever. The Steelers are now tied with the Pens for bong-ish related stories on PSAMP. Go Steelers.

Krist Letang Sucks

I can’t remember where I saw this but a video of TSN’s top 10 most hated NHLers exists and seems to be from a couple of years back. Sean Avery is number 1, so that. Number somethingorother is former Penguin Darius Kasparaitis. Actually, former Pens Kaspar, Ulf and Matthew Barnaby made the list. But during […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Weren’t we just here? If it felt like we just played the Bengals, it’s because we just did. But where that was closer than anyone would like to admit, this one was a certifiable beatdown. Cincy had a chance to go up early but repeatedly took points off the board with silly penalties. An early […]

Giant Terrible Towel Is Giant

Last year during Steelers season I told you about DirecTV’s Ultimate Displaced Fan Challange, where a fan of some team who lives relatively far from their team’s home city can enter and win a trip to the Super Bowl. They’re doing it again this year, and if you’re stuck someplace terrible while rooting for the […]