Some WAGs Of Former Pirates Are Now VH1 Harpies

Harpy   /ˈhärpē/ noun     1) A rapacious monster described as having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey with a woman’s face.     2) A grasping, unpleasant woman.   alternate version   VH1 Harpy   /vē āCH wən ˈhärpē/ noun     1) A rapacious monster […]

‘Peebowing’ Is A Thing And Yes That Is A Terrible Towel

After planking a few months back, it seems like everyone is intent on creating the next body-positioning craze like a minute after the most recent widely-accepted body-positioning craze. The few weeks of Tebowing means it is already overdue for a replacement in Internet time. And Chargers kicker Nick Noval got caught in a pretty unfortunate […]

My Great Uncle Mike Is Another Awesome Steelers Fan

This is my Uncle Mike, my mom’s uncle. He’s currently 93 or 94 years old and in a Veterans Home in West Virginia. I believe he was a member of the 42nd Infantry Rainbow Division, if my memory holds true. My aunt visited him over Thanksgiving weekend and sent me the following pic of him […]

Wounded Warriors Are Also Awesome Steelers Fans

Thanks to Tim for this. He says: “A photo from the US Army website. A Wounded Warrior Meets Under Secretary of the Army Dr. Joseph W. Westphal. This Soldier showing off some Steelers apperal.“ Tim sent this from Afghanistan. You’ll remember these other Steelers fans in Afghanistan from like a week and a half ago. […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

The last time we had a Sunday night game I didn’t really recap it it and instead just used an animated gif. We lost to the Ravens, and I was too tired to recap. I’ll follow the same route after a close win. The Steelers shouldn’t have let such an inferior opponent hang around, and […]

Sherobucks Scavenger Hunt

So I’m pretty exhausted after last night. Sidney Crosby came back and scored 4 points. We had a pretty big crowd at Foley’s, our Pens bar in Manhattan, and the place exploded when Sid scored just 5 and change into the first period. All in all it was a blast, and so good to have […]

Sidney Crosby: Back In Black

2 days in a row with Benstonium videos here at PSAMP. What on Earth could’ve precipitated such an occurrence? Oh yeah… Sid did what he’s known for, put up points all while proving that a ten and a half month layoff is no big thing. It wasn’t like he had to scavenger hunt for points […]

Sidney Crosby >>> Kotter

Via my bud Benson comes a short video welcoming Sidney Crosby back to hockey. Done in the style of Welcome Back Kotter, this version blows the original away. It has so much less Travolta, too. Video below: Go Pens.

Katt Williams Near A Pittsburgh Pirates Jacket

You guys know how much I love this little pimp’s comedy. Katt Williams is always awesome. TMZ has a story that he was questioned in a theft at Best Buy. He wasn’t at fault, but someone in his crew was cited for a minor misdemeanor. And that isn’t even the real story. The big thing […]

Pirates Outfielder Xavier Paul Sold To AustraliaPSYCHE!

Deadspin comes through with some incredible story of a journeyman, low-level wannabe baseball player who scammed some Australian league into buying Pirates outfielder Xavier Paul. In turn, the con man secured what he wanted, a baseball contract for himself. The story is here. Guaranteed Xavier Paul was pretty shocked to find this information out. Probably […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Who knew that turnovers could swing a game? With only 4 takeaways all season, the Steelers D hadn’t had a game where they literally took the win from the other offense. Lawrence Timmons and Willie Gay changed that with 2 fourth quarter picks to finally get to surprisingly efficient rookie Andy Dalton. Gay’s was especially […]