Sherobucks Scavenger Hunt

So I’m pretty exhausted after last night. Sidney Crosby came back and scored 4 points. We had a pretty big crowd at Foley’s, our Pens bar in Manhattan, and the place exploded when Sid scored just 5 and change into the first period. All in all it was a blast, and so good to have Sid back.

Which leads to this. Somehow. Evil Shero started a #sherobucks game and we’re kicking off a jaunty little scavenger hunt across a mean number of blogs and websites for those of you interested in acquiring said sherobucks. I’ve laid a handful of clues around this website’s archive, and with my exhaustion after last night, the clues are pretty damn easy. I guess that’s how last night’s Sid comeback leads to this scavenger hunt. Anyway, when you reach the end of my clues, you’ll pretty much know. And when you do, screenshot what you find and send it over to

And that’s it. Get around to figuring out what all this crap means and you should make it to the end pretty quick. Be attentive, and remain calm.

Go Sid.

Go Pens.

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