Petition For Party Hard Penguins Goal Song

This needs to happen yesterday. Here at PSAMP, we’re hosting this post as an official petition to change the Pittsburgh Penguins’ goal horn/song combo to Andrew W.K.’s seminal hit, Party Hard. This has been a pet project of mine for years and I need to get someone somewhere aware of it. We as a people […]

So Many Troy Polamalu GIFs

We’ve been here before… And while the feeling is the same with the need for a GIF highlight reel for a beloved former Steeler, the circumstances are vastly different. With Jerome Bettis, our collective brain needed rewiring so that Bussie could get the Hall of Fame recognition that he deserved for years. The PSAMP Bettis GIF […]


…and four days. March 13th, 2007 was a weird time. I was finishing my final semester at St. Vincent College, was chained to the library for reasons you need not know and decided to start a sports and humor blog. This past Friday was eight years since that day. A lot has changed and a […]

Mario Cuomo Was a Pirate

Yesterday, progressive icon and former New York governor Mario Cuomo passed away at age 82. Many, many well-deserved words will be written about Cuomo, few of which will remember him as a kid signed to the Pittsburgh Pirates. So we’ll do that here, instead. A few months before his 20th birthday in 1952, Cuomo signed […]