…and four days.

March 13th, 2007 was a weird time. I was finishing my final semester at St. Vincent College, was chained to the library for reasons you need not know and decided to start a sports and humor blog. This past Friday was eight years since that day. A lot has changed and a lot remains the same.

I’m still here. I know it isn’t as often as previous years, but PSAMP is still alive. I refuse to give in to the death of PSAMP, despite how infrequently I post here these days. Schedules change, life throws curveballs and sometimes we readjust things that are truly important. And while PSAMP wasn’t really in the upper reaches of importance in my life during PSAMP’s seventh year, its importance in my life as a whole and the lives of everyone who has ever read it remains. I’m still going to get unlimited pictures of miniature horses in all of my inboxes whether or not the site itself is churning multiple posts out a day or sitting collecting dust for a few weeks.

I successfully kept PSAMP out of its “terrible twos” for five years, and the reasons for the slowdown were true. Life needed me elsewhere, and I lost a chunk of PSAMP to the ether. We’ve been over this. Man, I poured my heart out at this time last year, penning perhaps my most emotional site anniversary thank you to you, the readers. And then my site migrated from platform to platform and I lost that post. It’s gone, but my thoughts remain. I maintain that you people are the reason I keep from pulling the plug on PSAMP. Not in year seven. Not in year eight. Not in the forseeable future.

So just take every PSAMP post as it is, something I put out when I could be doing one jillion other things, because I absolutely love this site and the people who have been here with me for eight years.

That’s it. I can’t write too much more, because I’m gonna sound dumb and sappy. Thanks for eight years at PSAMP. Here’s to hoping for like 25 more minimum. I love you.

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