thats the collective sigh of relief from millions of penguins fans in pittsburgh, as well as everywhere else around the world (you can say world when you got some friends from nepal that will sit down and enjot pgh sports with you). the pens have a deal in place with the city of pittsburgh, giving us patient fans another 30 years to enjoy crosby, malkin, staal, fleury, talbot, gwenjen (for you mondesis house readers), etc. so go ahead crosby, raise those arms and celebrate that you wont be going to kansas city, the place nhl hockey goes to die. i know it took almost 8 years, but mario’s patience finally paid off. the way he has been constanly disrespected by the county, city and state legislators, as well as the local media, i’m honestly surprised that the team will remain in the steel city. while others have bashed mario for being a crybaby who didnt want to pay for his own arena, i tell true penguins fans to look how mario has saved this franchise time and time again. the man fought personal illness and injury to play for a team that he bought to save from being sold. then, he comes out of retirement to play for his team that still owes him millions. nowadays, his home is also the home of one sidney crosby (imagine the life lessons learned by the kid from lemieux, not just the hockey-related ones). finally, mario vanquishes the political bs that has been pushing him off and dodging his proposals for 8 years! give the man a break, please.
i am a lifelong pittsburgh resident and steelers/pirates/penguins fan. i bleed black and gold. my heart is with those three teams through the ups AND downs (for examples of “downs,” see pittsburgh pirates, 1992 nlcs-present). i wanted to blog just to express my feelings about current pittsburgh-related sports topics. oh, and mini ponies might be the coolest things i have ever seen in my life. well, besides anything that has to do with steel city sports. i’ll try to keep updated on new pgh sports topics as well as cool mini pony pictures. sweet.

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