I needed a new About page. And to use the banner from the old blogspot page.

PSAMP stands for Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies. I dedicate equal loving attention to both topics here at PSAMP.

My name is Nicholas. I am a Pittsburgher currently living in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve always gone by the alias tecmo when writing here, which was shortened from the longer tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson. I am the sole writer and editor. Whatever.

I started PSAMP in March of 2007, when it was announced the Penguins were staying in Pittsburgh with a new arena deal. That seems like forever ago. Sportsblogging was in its early days and I wanted a place for my local sports humor.

Why the mini ponies? Because PSAMP is about humor, and it is impossible to stay not-smiling when you see a great tiny horse hanging out. I’ve loved cool small ponies as long as I can remember, why not combine that with the sports to stand out from sites that bore you with words? Sports are fun, mini horses are way fun. The site name and concept is simple, my 2 favorite topics in one convenient place.

I started at Blogspot, and after some back and forth with Ben, Dave and Derek at Bloguin, joined the new network in early 2009. Been here ever since.

Mini Pony of the Day is the long-running feature of bringing you a new tiny horse picture every day. That started as a joke, as I thought I’d run out of pictures in no time. Only we’re still going, and your submissions just add to this just insane amount of mini pony pictures archived on PSAMP. I’m like the go-to for miniature pony pictures on the Internet. I wish I could go back and tell like 12-year-old-me that.

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker is my weekly Steelers game recap. Probably the only recurring feature that has more open talk and opinion about the latest game. My way of keeping connected to the actual sports. And I’m usually burned out by the time the end of the season rolls around, so there’s no way I’m recapping 82 hockey games or 162 baseball games.

Great Moments in Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch is my love story to bootleg merch you’d find in the Strip District or at World of Values for 4 bucks. Blatant ripoffs or slight riffs on the much more expensive officially-licensed gear.

That’s pretty much it. We should party.

Here’s the old FAQ. It was horrible.