2012 Sucked

Man 2012 was the worst, wasn't it? I mean, we've been analyzing how each year has sucked since 2009, and there's just never enough positivity heading into each successive year. The Steelers and Pens were on the tail ends of championship highs during that first retrospective, and everything in Pittsburgh sports has been on a […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

And the season ends on some bizarre 24-10 win over the Browns. The 2nd half of the year was so disastrous that I didn't even write a recap following last week's loss to the Bengals. Steelers 2012 Season: 2 of 5 motorcycle helmets. See you in Latrobe first weekend of August. (thanks to Doug for […]

Cris Collinsworth Will Make A Storyline About Willie Colon One Way Or Another

Yesterday, Deadspin published a pretty great piece about how Sunday Night Football has become the Number 1 TV show in America, and how the shift in sports-presentation came about so that a network's jillion+ cameras are all trained on critical battles during football games. They highlighted an October game between our Steelers and the Bengals, […]

Benstonium’s ‘A Charlie Batch Christmas’

Thanks to Benson for sending this over. I may be partial to Mr. Magoo's A Christmas Carol in terms of animated yuletide specials, but Charlie Batch having anything to do with Christmas wins Christmas. Hopefully this season turns out less depressing than the typical Charlie Brown life scenario. Video below: Here we go.

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

This isn't the picture you want defining your team's play late in any given season. I mean, dropping a potential win into a 27-24 OT loss to the Cowboys is crushing, moreso when it's a 4th loss in 5 rollercoaster–puke–worthy weeks. The Steelers had a chance to win, too. 2nd-to-last drive, Ben hits Will Johnson […]

Awesome Steelers Fan Kid And His Brother Stand Up For People With Down Syndrome

Thanks to Lizzie for this. She says: "Saw your post about the shooter in a Pirates hat. Thought this sighting counteracts that one: despite being being in IL, one of these sweet little boys appears to be wearing a Steelers shirt." In short, some idiots spray-painted the home of a family that has 4 kids, […]

The Clackamas Oregon Mall Shooter Was A Pirates Fan

That image crop is all you're getting. I'm not big on giving face time to someone who killed 2 people and gravely wounded another. But as the above image from Jake Roberts' Facebook profile shows, via Gawker via The Atlantic Wire, the 22-year-old was a fan of the Pirates. I don't really know what I […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

I'm giving this 34-24 loss to the Chargers the recap it deserves, fully considering all that happened Sunday. It was a loss, so I have full right to rage out and sulk for half the week like I do following most every Steelers loss. In that case, I'd just blow this recap off with an […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Man it's been awhile since we've been able to properly celebrate a bigtime Steelers win. Division losses to the Browns and Baltimore without Big Ben made for dark times. Before that the win over the Chiefs was muted with uncertainty in Ben's future. Charlie Batch came off a rough loss and stole a win from […]

I Could Go For A 1990 Pirates ICEE Right Now

FOUND: One awesome Pittsburgh Pirates-branded ICEE promo cup from 1990. From several years BEFORE the Pirates would go on to an unparalleled string of futility. So at this moment in time in 1990, you could've been in pure Pirates and iced sugar water bliss. This also reminds me of a post from mid-2007, like 2 […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Anytime your franchise QB goes down and you're faced with starting 3-years-removed-from-Tampa Byron Leftwich and 2-years-removed-from-spot-starting Charlie Batch against division rivals in successive weeks, the forecast is grim. And the fans want results, an uninterrupted level of play. "Expecting losses" isn't a way to go about a critical injury like we have with Ben Roethlisberger. […]

The Steelers Actually Murdered A Man

No, it wasn’t James Harrison with his Men’s Journal guns, but if it was how dark would that be? The Internet was recently abuzz with some Kansas City Chiefs fan burning the team in his obituary, citing routine disappointment by KC as a means to his death. Only, the underside of this story is the […]