Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

I’m gonna get straight to the point with this Steelers recap since it’s the 2nd late-night recap in less than a week and the Steelers lost and I feel another short recap coming on. Byron Leftwich didn’t lose this game and actually played quite well. 13-10 Steelers. Oh and Mendenhall didn’t lose the game by […]

Get Well, Ben

With still no real word on the extent on Ben’s shoulder injury suffered in last night’s win over the Chiefs, and with the team preparing for a stretch of Leftwich-led football, the only thing we as fans can do is hope for a quick heal. This Get Well poster comes from my bud at Benstonium […]

Keep Calm And Go Steelers

Our Steelers have won 3 in a row after a dreadful 2-3 start to the season in which the team played down to lesser opponents in losses to the Raiders and Titans. Now, halfway through the season, the 5-3 Steelers begin a stretch that could determine the AFC North champion and how many teams in […]

The Steelers Apparently Have A Bear Mascot Now

So during the Steelers game on Sunday I caught an ad for something called Reverse-A-Pals. Here’s the description: “Reverse-A-Pals™ are double the fun! They go from a soft ball to toss around, to your favorite team’s mascot!“ Only this plush ball totally morphed into a bear in Steelers clothes, an animal I am very unfamiliar […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

The Steelers woke up in their own beds Sunday morning for an away game starting mid-afternoon. The Steelers should not have won this game. Said game was happening against the reigning champs. The Steelers should not have won this game. The reigning champs were playing for the emotional support of a city and metropolitan area […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

A win like this is why I was so frustrated with the Steelers and most fans following the loss to Tennessee. The team was better than they had played to that point in the season, they were 2-3 and a lot of folks were pretty much finished with any potential Steelers positivity. And then a […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

I’ve long blamed Jon Dwyer (along with Antonio Brown) and their unnecessary fumble(s) against the Raiders as the moment(s) that started the recent pessimistic swing in Steelers Nation. Both in the weak team showings and critical fan perception. And not that I hate either guy, I love Dwyer as a future bigtime contributor and c’mon, […]

Benstonium’s Skyfall Trailer Gets It Right

Thanks to my bud Benson for sending this over. I needed this. After the Steelers dropped to 2-3 I was pretty frustrated with both the team and the fans’ response to just unecessary losses. And despite the state of the team, I still remain as optimistic as ever. And Benson recognizes that there’s still a […]

Trading Card Pendant Jewelry Is Pretty Awesome

Etsy is a place ripe to be ridiculed, there are some outrageous crafts and sellables littering the site. I mean, when do you really need a Steelers apron with a huge fake penis? But when done right, Etsy can showcase some pretty fantastic items. Like these trading card pendant jewelry items. Now that is some […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Weeee a week and a half of Steelers Nation going on and on with the rhetoric about how the Steelers suck and we’ll be lucky to go 8-8 and Ben sucks, D sucks, Sushi sucks, Lebeau sucks. Steelers at Cincy in 2 weekends. Shut up. Go Steelers. (thanks to Doug for the banner pic)

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

The Steelers won. 16-14 Steelers. I’m gonna be completely honest. My mom came and visited NYC this weekend and stayed at my apartment. I had to take her to the Port Authority bus station for a 4 PM Greyhound yesterday, meaning I had to leave my place in Brooklyn at halftime. Also meaning I missed […]

This Troy Polamalu Doll Is Way Less Horrifying Than The Last Troy Polamalu Doll

Back in August of 2011, we came across some terrifying attempt at a Troy Polamalu doll and I am still having trouble sleeping. Seriously. This one is way better. Via Etsy (of course): “Celebrate your love for the Pittsburgh Steelers with your very own Troy Polamalu doll!He stands about 14″ tall and comes with loads […]

Download The Confluence EP From maticulous Now FOR FREE

You ready for some FREE hip hop from an entirely Pittsburgh-based set? My boy maticulous follows up his debut EP with a free album loaded with some of Pittsburgh’s best emcees. Check it: “With his aptly named follow up project, the Brooklyn-based beatmaker by way of Pittsburgh comes together with an assemblage of his hometown […]


With the current NHL season locked out and all September preseason games nuked, we can only look back to the past to enjoy our beloved Penguins. You may watch some old games, maybe Against the Odds or One From the Heart, maybe the 2009 Cup DVD. Or maybe you’ll bid on this unreal Penguins patches […]