With the current NHL season locked out and all September preseason games nuked, we can only look back to the past to enjoy our beloved Penguins. You may watch some old games, maybe Against the Odds or One From the Heart, maybe the 2009 Cup DVD. Or maybe you’ll bid on this unreal Penguins patches jacket on eBay. Thanks (?) to Steve for sending it over.

This homemade jacket has nearly every patch ever worn by the Pens either sewed or ironed on. Included patches:

-NHL 75th anniversary (sewn)
-2011 Winter Classic (sewn)
-41st all star game. (sewn)
-2008 winter classic (sewn)
-2000 nhl (ironed on)
-Penguins 25th anniversary (sewn)
-Penguins 35th anniversary (sewn)
-Pittsburgh 250th anniversary patch (sewn)
-Consol inaugural patch (blue, sewn)
-1992 Stanley cup (sewn)
-1991 stanley cup (sewn)
-2008 stanley cup (sewn)
-2009 stanley cup (sewn)
-1967 style curricular penguin with scarf patch (sewn)
-1993 shoulder patch (was worn on 1993 jersey that had diagonal “PITTSBURGH”) SEWN
-1991 Badger Bob (sewn)
-Prince of Wales (sewn)
-Eastern original (sewn)
-Eastern new (sewn)
-larger skating penguin logo on back is from a 1992 Penguins jersey (sewn)
-word “PITTSBURGH” ON BACK is from 1993 style jersey!! (sewn)
-CCM back of neck is from a CCM JERSEY (sewn)
-3 stanley cup patches on back of jacket (2 sewn, 1 ironed on)

My dream sweater is a 1992 black Cup Larry Murphy 55 with the Badger Bob patch on the left shoulder, 92 Cup patch on the right breast and Penguins 25th season patch on the right shoulder, just like it looked when they raised Lord Stanley in Chicago 20 years ago. So it’s cool to see all those patches in one place, but it seriously looks like the patch-monster patch-barfed patches all over this jacket. I mean, the 2008 and 2009 Finals patches just seem haphazardly thrown in at the last minute. Moderation was not the original owner’s best quality.

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