Keep Calm And Go Steelers

Our Steelers have won 3 in a row after a dreadful 2-3 start to the season in which the team played down to lesser opponents in losses to the Raiders and Titans. Now, halfway through the season, the 5-3 Steelers begin a stretch that could determine the AFC North champion and how many teams in the division make the playoffs. So, huge.

Tonight, the Steelers end the Week 10 schedule with a Monday Night Football showdown against the 1-7 Chiefs. Following the game, preparation begins immediately for a 3 week stretch where Pittsburgh plays Ravens-Browns-Ravens. Baltimore, of course, leading the division and Cleveland being the historic rivals of the Black and Gold.

So with that on the horizon, tonight’s game against Kansas City is the epitome of a trap game, where it might be easy to look ahead at what’s coming without giving the proper attention to the game at hand. I mean, can you imagine how a loss to the Chiefs would cause the city to burn? This is a must-win game, and a game that cannot be dropped.

And so the team and fans must remain calm. I spotted this Keep Calm and Go Steelers riff on the British Keep Calm and Carry On propaganda over at Etsy a while ago, and now seems as appropriate as ever to post it here. There’s no reason to think this constantly-improving Steelers team should lose to the awful, awful Chiefs, and so I plead for calm. Calm among the players doing work and among the fans who will undoubtedly be biting every fingernail down to the skin if Pittsburgh isn’t up 400 by the end of the 1st Quarter.

Now on to the game. Here we go.

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