The Clackamas Oregon Mall Shooter Was A Pirates Fan

That image crop is all you're getting. I'm not big on giving face time to someone who killed 2 people and gravely wounded another.

But as the above image from Jake Roberts' Facebook profile shows, via Gawker via The Atlantic Wire, the 22-year-old was a fan of the Pirates.

I don't really know what I intended to prove with this info, only that it's a matter of public record that this kid once wore a Pirates hat and took a picture. I'm the one here in NYC getting excited any time I see some idiot kid wearing Black and Gold of any kind, even if they're a Latin King or I get tricked by someone wearing a Yankees hat in Pirates colors. So seeing a Pirates hat on this kid was weird. I guess I just long for the days of Pirates-hat-wearers who didn't shoot people, like Fred Durst and George Clooney's hot ex-girlfriend.

RIP to those killed.

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