2012 Sucked

Man 2012 was the worst, wasn't it? I mean, we've been analyzing how each year has sucked since 2009, and there's just never enough positivity heading into each successive year. The Steelers and Pens were on the tail ends of championship highs during that first retrospective, and everything in Pittsburgh sports has been on a constant downswing since.The mini pony aspect of the site continues its strong standing since the beginning, because there's no disappointment in those little guys ever.

But speaking about this crummy year, 2012 itself, it sucked in its most base sense in that we should already be eliminated by now. The Mayans couldn't even get human extinction correct, and now I have to write this post at the last minute. I shouldn't have had to deal with 2012's crushing disappointments in blog form had those Mayans done work. And with that, all topical Mayan jokes are over. I feel like a tool for even bringing those jerks up.

The Steelers and Pirates both decided to mimic the 2009-onward local sports downward swing in the 2nd half of each respective season in 2012. The Pirates were making the Reds sweat atop the division well into Summer only to win about 4 games after the beginning of August. Likewise, the Steelers turned 6-3 into 7-8 and finally 8-8 after a stunning 1-5 stretch.

And then there's hockey. Remember that thing? As if football and baseball crashing to Earth spectacularly wasn't enough, the Penguins lost to the Flyers in round 1 of the playoffs. You may have forgotten, what with trying to stay sane after that conclusion, or due to the fact that THE NHL IS STILL LOCKED OUT. NFL tried to front with a lockout in 2011, it lasted til the start of training camp. NBA actually had a work stoppage that killed part of the 2011-12 season, but they still got it worked out quickly enough to have said season. The NHL just obliterated the first 3 months of their season, and this is where we sit at the end of 2012 with all that. Pens fans can look at 2012's hockey calendar year as a loss to the Flyers and nothing else. Barf.

Maybe my sports highlight of the year is sitting on the glass in Wilkes-Barre as the Baby Pens eliminated the Hershey Bears in the playoffs. Even got a stunned picture of former Pens disappointment Chris Bourque as reality set in. I mean BOOSH:

Then we went back to 2 games the following weekend as we watched the Pens get eliminated by the St. John's IceCaps. The swift kick of reality is never far away.

But 2012 is over. And even though I opened by saying there's never any positive things each new year to legitimately excite us about the unknown, at least the unknown has the opportunity to be better than anything we saw in 2012. I guess it can be way worse, too, but we've been bummed out for 99% of this post so far and we need something to grasp onto.

And so we cede the floor to the always luxurious Katt Williams, who himself is having an unreal end to this junk of a 2012 by getting arrested with Suge Knight every other day. Here's the quote we use every year in this spot:

You gotta keep it pushing. I don't even go to ni**as' birthday parties if they doing the same shit as last year.

And then we gotta have 1 new Katt quote or else we are literally disobeying quote 1:

This ni**a [Michael Jackson] climbin' up in trees n shit, talkin' bout "Don't you climb trees?" NO MOTHERF***ER WE GOT BILLS N SHIT. Take yo Peter Pan ass and make some peanut butter or some shit.

God I hope Katt Williams gets arrested 45 times next year.

I see you 2013. Me and you are gonna tangle.

Party Hard in the new year.

Go Steelers.

Go Pirates.

Go Pens.


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