Awesome Steelers Fan Kid And His Brother Stand Up For People With Down Syndrome

Thanks to Lizzie for this. She says:

"Saw your post about the shooter in a Pirates hat. Thought this sighting counteracts that one: despite being being in IL, one of these sweet little boys appears to be wearing a Steelers shirt."

In short, some idiots spray-painted the home of a family that has 4 kids, the 2 boys in the video and 2 girls with Down Syndrome. The mother of the young family describes as such:

"We live in a small town in Central Illinois and woke one morning in April 2011 to find our home and cars had been spray painted,” says Anne Hollis.

The family had been attacked because her two daughters have Down Syndrome: “RETARDS.” “Get Outta here.” And other unprintables.

“That day changed my life forever.”

But her two sons said they wanted to make a video, to “Speak up for our sisters.”

Meet the Hollis Boys, age 6 and 7.

Watch, share, join Everyone Matters – to create a world where EVERYONE is free to be EXACTLY who they are, without shame, apology – or attack."

After yesterday's post about the Oregon shooter, and then news today of a senseless tragedy in an elementary school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, I've been in a pretty bummed mood. But then 2 boys have the courage to show love to their sisters while completely humiliating the absolute imbeciles who got up the courage to insult little girls.

I, too was part of a family with 2 girls, 2 boys. Thank Jesus none of my siblings had any crippling diseases, meaning I can only imagine the stress on this young family without jerk townies insulting their kids. My 2 sisters were older, I shared a bedroom with them for 3 years before my little brother was born and we moved to a different house. So I have a pretty close bond with my sisters. These 2 boys represent the best in what a brother should be.

The original reason for posting this was because one of the awesome brothers is wearing a Steelers shirt in Illinois, but that all seems so silly now.

Video below:

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