Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker


I'm giving this 34-24 loss to the Chargers the recap it deserves, fully considering all that happened Sunday. It was a loss, so I have full right to rage out and sulk for half the week like I do following most every Steelers loss. In that case, I'd just blow this recap off with an animated gif of someone crapping themselves or something.

It was also a loss to an inferior opponent, something that has happened against the likes of the Browns, Titans, Raiders. That doubles that rage-fest and really makes me not want to give ratings to anyone in Black and Gold. So I'm not gonna.

Yet in the grand scheme of things, the Cowboys kicked a last-second FG to beat the Bengals while the Redskins used OT and 2 rookie QBs to end Baltimore's day. Steelers still sit in the final playoff spot with no real ground lost. I could go on with some pretentious keep calm essay about how the team is in a fine position. I'm not gonna do that either.

I'm just going to acknowledge the loss, and start looking towards the Cowboys in Dallas at 4:25 PM EST next week.. I'm not even sure this recap exists.

(thanks to Doug for the banner pic)

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