My Great Uncle Mike Is Another Awesome Steelers Fan

This is my Uncle Mike, my mom’s uncle. He’s currently 93 or 94 years old and in a Veterans Home in West Virginia. I believe he was a member of the 42nd Infantry Rainbow Division, if my memory holds true. My aunt visited him over Thanksgiving weekend and sent me the following pic of him rocking a sweet Steelers hat. And after the Ohio National Guard in Afghanistan and a Wounded Warrior pic sent from another serviceman in Afghanistan all celebrating the Steelers, why not my veteran great uncle as well? Veterans and service men and women should get ALL the love.

This is the 2nd time I’ve had my Uncle Mike on PSAMP. This pic has him supporting Pittsburgh sports, and here he is having a mini pony support him. MY UNCLE MIKE IS MORE PSAMP THAN PSAMP.

Go Uncle Mike.

Go Steelers.

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