Leonardo DiCaprio Should Play J. Paterno Rather Than J. Edgar

Via my bud Benson. J. Paterno might be a more explosive movie than J. Edgar if these allegations are remotely true. “Even great men can be corrupted.” Joe Paterno and the recent events at Penn State are portrayed in this movie trailer, created in the style of the trailer for “J. Edgar”. Yep. Video below. […]

I Hate This Steelers And Ravens Memory Box

via “This box is the perfect gift for a house divided by teams! Ravens and Steelers are both represented on this wood, hand painted box.“ A design such as this takes into account several HUGE assumptions. Most notably that I would ever marry a fan of another AFC North team. And that I would let […]

Pirates Fan Getting Arrested At Last Night’s Paterno Riot Isn’t Helping

We’ve been over this before…there’s been so much self-inflicted damage to the Pirates over the past 19 years that we really don’t need others kicking them while they’re down. Looking at you, Durst. Last night, Penn State students rioted in Happy Valley over the firing of longtime coach Joe Paterno, amid this whole Jerry Sandusky/child […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

It’s an hour later than normal due to Daylight Savings ending and the Steelers just lost. Left enough time on the clock for the Ravens, a script we saw last year. I’m pissed that we lost but whatever. Cincy next week and then a lot of games on the schedule still. The end. (thanks to […]


Sock Monkeys rule. My mom made me one when I was little and it was great. I slept with that thing all the time. It totally replaced my gray Pound Puppy that I named “Silver” because I’m an idiot. My sock monkey was name “Mikey the Monkey.” I think my little brother’s was named “Dukie.” […]

The Pirates’ Ralph Kiner Had A Wheaties Commercial In The 1950s That Sucked

Before I begin: Wheaties suck. Above is Michael Fitzmaurice, who from all I can tell as a lifelong Pirates fan, was never a Pirates announcer. He was a radio actor and was the voice of Superman. But Wheaties makes awful cereal and is a liar. This old 1950s television commercial for Wheaties features Fitzmaurice in […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Ben Roethlisberger was given the opportunity to beat the Patriots and he delivered. This wasn’t a game where we rode Jerome Bettis to clock-eating drives. Ben followed through on the clock-eating part, but it was done through the air. That’s no small detail. Ben controlled the flow of the game and limited Tom Brady’s on-field […]

Halloween-Appropriate Saw-Like Patriots-Steelers Promo

[i wanted to see how many hyphens i could fit into the headline – ed.] Kudos to Benstonium for getting a perfect Patriots-Steelers promo video up in the same vein as the Saw movies. Perfect, considering Halloween is coming up. Brady should have to saw off his foot with an Ugg boot still on it. […]

Joe Manganiello With A Steelers Hat

Aside from him growing up in Pittsburgh and attending both Pitt and the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, I know next to nothing about Joe Manganiello. He’s in True Blood, something I’ve never watched. I mean, I may or may not have seen a…ahem…scene involving the lovely Lizzy Caplan aka Casey Klein from Party Down […]

Stephen Sondheim In South Park In Steelers Stuff

South Park’s Matt Stone and Trey Parker, now successful Broadway musical-heads with their recent Tony-winning The Book of Mormon, took on Broadway in their still-amazing-after-all-these-years cartoon. In their South Park universe, Broadway shows aren’t really an embarrassing and non-masculine event. They actually forego subtext and tell wives to perform oral sex on their husbands. You […]

1982 Corgi Penguins Trading Cars Are AWESOME

The last time we looked at sick Penguins-themed toy cars it was an Etsy product that just slapped a picture of Mario Lemieux on a Hot Wheels ride. Still cool, but a lot more DIY than an actual Penguins toy car. NINETEEN EIGHTY-TWO CALLED, AND THEY ARE ALL OVER THIS. Seen above (and here) is […]