1982 Corgi Penguins Trading Cars Are AWESOME

The last time we looked at sick Penguins-themed toy cars it was an Etsy product that just slapped a picture of Mario Lemieux on a Hot Wheels ride. Still cool, but a lot more DIY than an actual Penguins toy car. NINETEEN EIGHTY-TWO CALLED, AND THEY ARE ALL OVER THIS.

Seen above (and here) is an in-box 1982 Corgi brand Pittsburgh Penguins die cast toy car. YES. The one-year money back warranty is critical. The non-toxic paint was a weak move, though. How are you supposed to toughen up the kiddies?

No clue why there’s a number 17 on the front. Rick Kehoe wore the number in 1982. Or maybe some clairvoyant love for Petr Sykora or Mike Rupp?

Go Pens.

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