Pirates Fan Getting Arrested At Last Night’s Paterno Riot Isn’t Helping


We’ve been over this before…there’s been so much self-inflicted damage to the Pirates over the past 19 years that we really don’t need others kicking them while they’re down. Looking at you, Durst.

Last night, Penn State students rioted in Happy Valley over the firing of longtime coach Joe Paterno, amid this whole Jerry Sandusky/child sex assault revalation. BuzzFeed grabbed 25 pics from the scene, as PSU students rioted in support of Paterno. I’m not even going to get into my own opinions on that cos this is a humor site and I long-ago got rid of the stress that opinions-on-blogs create.

What I WILL say is the PSU student getting arrested in a Pirates shirt sucks. Man, I did some stupid stuff in college and was stubborn enough to get in trouble (quite a bit) for going out and doing what my stupid collegiate brain told me was right at the time. Getting cuffed at a riot for a jillion-year-old coach who may or may not have covered up child sex abuse while also wearing a shirt of a team that has enough problems of its own wasn’t the wisest idea.

Go Buccos.

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