Stephen Sondheim In South Park In Steelers Stuff


South Park’s Matt Stone and Trey Parker, now successful Broadway musical-heads with their recent Tony-winning The Book of Mormon, took on Broadway in their still-amazing-after-all-these-years cartoon.

In their South Park universe, Broadway shows aren’t really an embarrassing and non-masculine event. They actually forego subtext and tell wives to perform oral sex on their husbands. You can catch a glimpse of it over at Gawker. The full episode is at South Park Studios, of course.

In the episode, Broadway heavweight Stephen Sondheim is depicted along with fellow Broadway staples like Elton John as overtly masculine bros who hang out at Hooters. Sondheim is wearing tons of Steelers stuff. I took the time to grab a few shots of Sondheim as a Steelers fan. He lived in Doylestown, PA for a minute, so I’m not sure why they didn’t show him as an Eagles fan. But whatever.


Go Steelers.

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