Terry Bradshaw Peanut Butter From 1982 > Jaromir Jagr Peanut Butter

Earlier this week, much was made about some reporter showing Jaromir Jagr a 15-year old jar of his Pittsburgh-famous peanut butter. But Jagr’s a Flyer now so screw him and his expired nut spread (Expired Nut Spread is my band name – ed.).

Via Steve comes something better…TERRY BRADSHAW PEANUT BUTTER FROM 1982! And it’s crunchy peanut butter, too!

Man if I don’t polish off a jar of peanut butter in a decent amount of time there’s always that layer of oil or some other random fluid I’d rather not examine floating on top. I can’t imagine how much of that junk is on the Jagr peanut butter. The Bradshaw one must be completely liquefied with bits of crunchy peanuts just floating around, trapped in their 30-year old version of Jurassic Park’s prehistoric amber chunk.

Apparently 1982 was pretty cool.

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