Some WAGs Of Former Pirates Are Now VH1 Harpies

Harpy   /ˈhärpē/


    1) A rapacious monster described as having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey with a woman’s face.

    2) A grasping, unpleasant woman.


alternate version


VH1 Harpy   /vē āCH wən ˈhärpē/


    1) A rapacious monster of a “woman” only found in the wild wastelands of VH1. May or may not still be mating with a basketball or baseball player as a means of relevance. Shrill and in need of near-constant drama for warmth and sustenance. Close relative of the MTv Harpy, Bravo Network Harpy and the common All-Those-Witches-On-The-View Harpy.

e.g.: “That VH1 Harpy is annoying me.

Thanks to Rachel for the tip. According to her that’s Anna “wife of Kris” Benson, Chantal “ex wife of Jason” Kendall and Jordana “I may or may not have dated Nyjer Morgan” Lenz on VH1’s Baseball Wives. Thanks to Mike for the image work.


Kevin says “The WAG next to Anna Benson is Brooke Villone, wife of 2002 buccos opening day starter Ron Villone.” I’m not getting another image made. Just pretend Villone’s wife is always shaded and blurry in real life, or however “real” you classify this hogwash.

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