Giant Terrible Towel Is Giant

Last year during Steelers season I told you about DirecTV’s Ultimate Displaced Fan Challange, where a fan of some team who lives relatively far from their team’s home city can enter and win a trip to the Super Bowl. They’re doing it again this year, and if you’re stuck someplace terrible while rooting for the Steelers, you should enter.

As a Pittsburgher living in NYC, I have nothing but love for my fellow displaced fans. Like Larry F., a dude from California who has already entered. You’re gonna need a pretty cool story or at least a relatable tale cos Larry is trying to beat you with sheer size.

Larry Foster is a DIE-HARD Steelers fan living all the way across the country in Palm Springs, CA.  As you see by checking out his entry, the man has been rooting for the Steelers since the mid-70s and if living thousands of miles from the boys in Black n’ Gold isn’t enough, he has to deal with his wife who is a Cowboys fan.

We are in the home stretch of the Ultimate Displaced Fan contest.  Fans have until December 31st to submit their entry to and make their claim as to why they are the most die-hard displaced fan in all of America for their chance to go to the SUPER BOWL in Indy.

Go enter. And win. And then give me the ticket.

Go Steelers.

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