Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker


No way I’m recapping that late of a game. Steelers won, Browns lost, and that’s that. Plus I already set the precedent of just posting a gif of my feelings after late games (1, 2) so I have no clue what you were expecting. Greg Lloyd adequately sums up my feelings regarding both the Cotchery and Brown TDs.

But there was this…I was so caught up in the dueling Pens and Steelers games that I forgot to play R. Kelly’s Shut Up before kickoff. The Browns started moving the ball and pseudo-scored. So I immediately played it on my phone and the scoring play was then reviewed and overturned. So Kells turned 7 points into 3, followed immediately by a nice Steelers TD drive.

Thanks Kells. 4-0 on the season. Don’t sleep on it.

49ers next week. Jim Harbaugh sucks. Remember that one AFC Championship? That was cool. Oh and that gif up top…from that Harbaugh game. Let’s do this.

(thanks to Doug for the banner pic)

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