The Benstonium Steelers ‘Renegade’ Video Is Top Notch

If you don’t understand the Steelers’ playing of Styx’s ‘Renegade,’ then you can just go ahead and leave PSAMP now. This post isn’t for you.

Thanks to Benson for sending over his latest, which is his take on the Steelers’ emotional anthem. The song is played at a critical moment of games at Heinz Field, and being a part of that crowd when it starts piping over the Heinz speakers is a truly magical moment for Steelers fans. Towels are waving, people are going bonkers…just an all-around blast.

Benson mentioned that his only previous attempt at a Renegade video was for a wedding a year ago or so. This is an update, complete with 2011 season footage and everything you’d expect out of a Steelers momentum-building video. And with only the Browns and the playoffs looming, this is the time to start rolling.

Check it out by heading to the Benstonium facebook page and ‘liking’ it. If you haevn’t already to this point, you’re a joke. But like it if you haven’t and peep the greatness. I once cut scenes from 30 Rock that had a Steelers reference in Windows Movie Maker. This is way better than that.

Go Steelers.

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