2011 Sucked


Say the word concussion to me one more time and see where it gets you, punk.

Welcome to PSAMP’s annual year-in-review (hint…it always sucks – ed.). I’m a firm believer in insulting the past, so I hope you join me in thoroughly kicking the last year in its collective bottom. Be gone.

Unless a bandsaw stole a stray digit or two, you can count the number of games Sidney Crosby played in this past calendar year on both hands. Only once per hand. I gotta quit writing about this or I’ma get emotional. That’s not supposed to happen to game-changers. As much as Pittsburgh has been blessed to watch otherworldly hockey talent almost continuously since 1984, the flip side is that we’ve also seen enormous lengths of time missed by undeserving superstars thanks to illnesses and injuries. And we as fans understand that. We only wish the gaps were more infrequent.

Jerry Meals.

And the NFL were enough of jerks to have no football until right before training camp started. In past years I’ve planned my annual training camp trip like months in advance. Big thanks to my bud Dan who had moved from NYC to Dravosburg like right before camp for letting me and friends crash at his place for the most under prepared trip ever. And my buddy Bob in Greensburg for hosting us a night as well.

On a personal note my last grandparent passed away during that trip back to PA. And I left my pillows somewhere during that whole training camp nonsense too. There’s just a block of this year that is a blur.

Moving sucks and I did that this year from Queens to Brooklyn.

2011 saw the Pens lose in the first round to the Lightning. The Steelers had a chance against the Packers in teh (second time i’ve typo’d the word ‘the’ and I’m leaving it this time – ed.) Super Bowl and reminded us of just how crappy late-January 1996 felt. And then there was everything after mid-July for the Buccos:

via blitzburghblog

So as is custom, here’s the routine Katt Williams quote to get us moving on to 2012:

You gotta keep it pushing. I don’t even go to ni**as’ birthday parties if they doing the same shit as last year.”

And since we use that one every year, here’s one more random Katt quote to finish it off.


Take us out Mr. Ford:

Bring it, 2012.


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