Danny Bonaduce Loves Steelers Fans

We're getting awfully close to Christmas, so my effort on this site is going to be minimal. I should have a pretty normal posting schedule for the rest of the week, with something even possible on Christmas Day. Because I know you can't get through a massive holiday without a mini horse fix.

So today, I turned to Youtube, which makes up a high percentage of the quality material on PSaMP. The above video was the biggest stretch to try and relate to sports, but luckily, two people are wearing Steelers jerseys.

And they meet up with Danny Bonaduce on Hollywood Blvd. and get their picture taken with him. Steelers fans? Check. Ridiculous former child actor who shares my birthday? Check. Getting posted here? You got it.

Best 5 seconds I've ever spent.

Since Snoop Dogg was wearing a Titans jersey at the game on Sunday, Steelers Nation is replacing him with Danny Bonaduce. Or not.

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